After four years of persistent pursuit by several Autauga County Historical Association (ACHA) members, the ACHA has obtained engineering drawings, photos, patterns, ledgers, contracts, patents, manuals, advertisement and artifacts related to cotton gin manufacturing in Prattville.  The material pertains to entities from the Danial Pratt Gin Manufacturing Company to the Continental Eagle Corporation, including entities acquired along the way.  Material potentially dates as far back as 1833 and as recent as 2012, when the facility closed.  Engineering drawings are as recent as 1960 as the foreign company, that acquired Continental Eagle Corporation, retained engineering drawings for gins in use at the time of the acquisition.

Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Department of Archives and History, a group of local volunteers, generous contributions by local supporters, and the leadership of the ACHA, Daniel Pratt Gin Company (Continental Eagle Corporation) historical documents are becoming publicly available for retrieval and review at the ACHA.  A limited number of primarily cotton gin engineering drawings, many dating from the 1800's, have already been restored, archived and ready for study.  The inventory of technical engineering drawings include gins, buildings, Autauga Creek dams, World War I and II war effort support products, etc.  Below one can see an example of the listing of the cataloged drawings.  This information is available on the PastPerfect software at the Prattaugan Museum.  In the near future, drawings will be accessible for research and viewing.

Information about the Project, access to archived documents, volunteering to work on restoring and archiving additional documents, donating financial or in-kind resources to the Project, and joining the ACHA is available at 102 E Main St, Prattville, AL 36067, 334-361-0961,  With readable documentation potentially dating as far back as 1833, the Project will continue well into the foreseeable future.  Individual, small groups and organizations looking for a community involvement project are all welcome as volunteers to assist on this important historical project of interest on the local, State, federal and international levels.

Current Archival Project